Chances are you stumbled on this page because you’ve heard about Todd Herman or the 90 Day Year somewhere and found my post. Today I want to share my story with you.

Going way back to the beginning it would be fair to say that I didn’t have the easiest start to adult life (I was a teenage single parent of 2 children at 19 with no qualifications), but undeterred I worked hard to get into university, start my first business whilst studying and then climbed the corporate ladder before starting my own business in 2014. I’ve had no headstarts, no startup funds, I’ve got health issues that hold me back. I'm no different from  most business owners starting out – just a normal girl from England with a tonne of passion and drive to succeed.

In January 2014 I left the corporate world as a creative director heading up a large agency to spend more time at home with my family. I freelanced successfully for a couple of months before stupidly taking a 6 month contract with another company, and then I spent the rest of the year making luxury wedding stationery. This was a fun creative outlet for me alongside my web and ecommerce clients. 

I had reached a plateau in what I was earning, and felt constantly busy. I never got to the bottom of my to do list and sometimes questioned why I worked so hard to only match what I was earning in my old career. I knew I was great at what I did, I was profitable and my clients loved my work. I was baffled and couldn't understand why I couldn’t get past this stage! It was very frustrating but I didn't give up and was hopeful that the answer was out there, I just had to keep working hard and trying new things. I really wanted to step things up but I didn’t have a plan because I was constantly working IN my business and not ON my business.

By chance I was introduced to Todd Herman by someone I follow, and from what I learned about him it was clear that Todd had some of the answers I needed. Then when the opportunity to work with him came up, I jumped at the chance!

Within 1 month of working with Todd and in the 90 Day Year program I had doubled my income, let go of a business that was really holding me back and started working with my dream clients. JUST ONE MONTH.

I already had everything in me that I needed to succeed, but being in the weeds of my business all the time stopped me from pushing past the blocks in my way.

It opened up so many opportunities, and a lot of firsts for me…

  • I got over my fears of putting my story out into the world  (I cried a lot for a few days because it was such a huge hurdle to overcome!)
  • The first month I doubled my income
  • I hit 5 figures a month for the first time
  • I made money whilst I slept
  • I became an employer
  • Someone subscribed to my list
  • I hit 6 figures in my business
  • I sold a product from a webinar
  • I sold a membership to my academy
  • Someone told me my story inspired them (I cried a lot, again)
  • A stranger joined my Facebook group
  • I delivered a live event in New York, and then did 2 more in the UK
  • I did a 5 figure affiliate launch (and then another, and another)
  • And then I delivered my own 5 figure program launch (and another!)

It's actually now 2 years since I made investment, and nearly 18 months since I recorded the video interview on this page, and my business is still rocketing. My business was shortlisted in the UK Business awards as Online Business of the Year in 2016.

There is so much CRAP out there in the online space, but Todd’s program actually does what it promises. I went through the program with 359 entrepreneurs all over the world – and I was blown away by the results for myself, and my fellow alumni.

If you have any questions about the 90 Day Year program or want to have a chat with someone who has “been there” then contact me here. I’m happy to help in any way that I can.


My 90 Day Year Bonus Experience

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Sharing my success story in New York with Todd Herman – March 2015