What I've learned over the years from my conversations with entrepreneurs is that they feel they have too much to juggle. I likened my mind to having 1000 browser tabs open at the same time, and you'll probably relate to how my day used to pan out. This was a typical day as I hit a plateau in my growth…

Wake up after a bad nights sleep. Have a large coffee. Make my to-do list.

Start task 1.

Check social media. Read someone’s blog. Sign up to their list. Download their freebie. Read freebie. Inspired I make list of ideas for a new freebie.

Back to task 1.

Open emails. Respond to urgent emails. Notice a task I forgot to add to my to do list.

Have another coffee.

Back to task 1.

Phonecall from a client meaning I have to move onto urgent task 2.

Move back to task 1.

Lunchtime arrives and then move back onto task 1.

Client meeting and move onto time-sensitive task 3.

Back to task 1.

Realising its time to get into Mum mode I make my to do list for tomorrow and plan to get task 1 finished early in the morning. As task 2 and 3 on my list are equally important I have to work in the evening right up until bedtime meaning a bad night’s sleep as I was so wired.

Can you relate to this?

HOW I worked was the biggest part of the problems I was having when I hit my plateau. It wasn't my product, services or my ability as an entrepreneur that was holding me back – it was a framework for success.

In 2014 I started working with the incredible Todd Herman, a world-class performance coach, entrepreneur and investor and what he taught me completely changed my business life. I went from doubting my ability to an unshakeable self-belief and fast success because of the systems we put in place and the frameworks I now work in every single day.

I paid a LOT of money to work with Todd 1:1, but today you can access his incredible training here for free. Carve out some time for this, it might change your life – just like it did mine.


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