Tony Robbins and the #MeToo rant at UPW that went all wrong

How Tony Robbins got it wrong during his #meToo rant at UPW San Jose and why people all over the world are furious about it!

Marriage & Entrepreneurship: Making it work + my top tips

Can marriage survive entrepreneurship? In today’s post I want to give you a sneak peek into our life and how we make our marriage work despite my crazy business life!

Female leaders are bitches: A modern prejudice

Modern prejudice, masculine vs feminine energy and why its so hard to be a tough woman in business.

Success Retreat 2017

WOW. There are some things in business that you look back on forever and just go WOW. The Success Retreat 2017 is one of them. “Life changing” guests said!

Why are data backups important & how to do them

Why are data backups important and what would you do if you lost your data? If you don’t know, then you’re heading towards a potential costly disaster….

How to charge more for your services…

Today I have invited the super-talented, and incredibly lovely Adil Amarsi to share some of his GOLD with you all. Read his top strategies for charging more for your services.