Success Retreat 2018 recap and gallery!

I’ve been home just over a week now, and I’m still a little exhausted… but WOW, oh WOW. What an amazing event it was. I felt a lot of pressure this year to make sure that our 2nd annual Success Retreat, not only matched last year - but completely surpassed expectations! There’s definitely a lot … Continue Reading

Female leaders are bitches: A modern prejudice

Modern prejudice, masculine vs feminine energy and why its so hard to be a tough woman in business.

Success Retreat 2017

WOW. There are some things in business that you look back on forever and just go WOW. The Success Retreat 2017 is one of them. “Life changing” guests said!

Why are data backups important & how to do them

Why are data backups important and what would you do if you lost your data? If you don’t know, then you’re heading towards a potential costly disaster….

How to charge more for your services…

Today I have invited the super-talented, and incredibly lovely Adil Amarsi to share some of his GOLD with you all. Read his top strategies for charging more for your services.

Learn how to create and sell digital products – 1 day training

If you run a client facing business you’ll know the challenges you face on a daily basis… Working all hours including evenings and weekends. Putting all your energy into other people’s businesses. Client emergencies cropping up when you least expect it. Getting emails and phone calls during your time off despite your best efforts to … Continue Reading