Noun. the ability to overcome difficult hurdles in life and the reason why only the minority of entrepreneurs are successful.

We all have stories and in those stories, we all have what we would define as our worst chapters.

It would be fair to say that whilst I have had many successes throughout my entrepreneurial story, I’ve also experienced some of the worst chapters of my life during this time. I am very honest about these challenges with my audience, because I think that there are too many people out there trying to paint a glamorous picture of what its truly like to be an entrepreneur and its not serving anyone – least of all me.

As I write this, or should I say dictate this using the fabulous Dragon Anywhere app, I’m laid up in bed almost four weeks into an attack of vertigo. I have had to pause all projects whilst I recover as I can't look at a screen without feeling like I have just got off a fairground ride – it is constant and the only remedy is rest and patience.

Sadly I’ve learned that this is a chronic illness for me and having had it for two months last year too I was a bit depressed whilst coming to terms with the affect this is going to have on my business and life – travel (my passion in life) is something now affected. There is a very strong chance that I am going to get this illness again, and it might crop up at such an important time in my life in the future that I miss out on huge opportunities or it may result in a catastrophic failure. But I do know that no matter how many failures result of this illness, I will win.

Why I'll keep winning

You see, I have a skill that many people don’t possess and it means that no matter what life throws at me, I’ll face it head on and come back stronger  – I like to call it bouncebackability.

I know with one hundred percent certainty that once I have regained my balance and am able to return to work, that I will push forward into even more success. One of the strongest beliefs I hold in life is that the very hardest challenges are a rite of passage in success, so you don’t get to be successful if you don’t possess bouncebackability.

Another truth I know is that I will face another barrage of challenges and some will make me want to quit what I do forever. Whilst some might say “I don’t want to live like that”, I think “I can’t imagine living any other way”. This entrepreneurial life is not for everyone, and the hard truth for some to face is that success is also not for everyone. If you can’t bounce back, then perhaps the easier life working for someone else is the way forward – there is NOTHING wrong with this but only you can make that decision.

So how can you gain more bouncebackability?

Here’s some practical advice:

  • You only gain it through facing hard challenges face on – no burying your head in the sand. Deal with it now and take action, no matter how hard that action is.
  • You have to accept that once you overcome this challenge, you’re going to get another, and another – challenges are a rite of passage in success and you need more challenges to be more successful.
  • Remember that “this too shall pass” – really, it will!
  • Success is only for those that accept the hardest of challenges so embrace them.
  • There is no such thing as problems, only decisions that have to be made – try and remove the emotion from a challenge and it becomes less of a drain and easier to beat.

If there’s one big lesson I want you to take from this blog its that there is no such thing as problems, only decisions that need to be made.

If you can turn any massive problem from an emotive beast out to rob you of your sanity and happiness, into just a decision (or series of decisions) that needs to be made you’re going to gain a skill so powerful that success will become inevitable.

Hoping that my next blog will come from a healthier place, but at the very least it will be from an even stronger and determined me with more bouncebackability running through my veins.

Bye for now,


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