Why creatives struggle to grow their business

Creatives struggle with many of the same problems. Here’s their biggest business problems & how they can be overcome to build a thriving business.

How to get over a bad month in business

Bad days, turn into bad weeks, and before you know it – you’ve written off the whole month as a bad one! Here’s how I deal with a bad month and move on…

How to get started in the creative industry

I regularly give advice to those wanting to get started in the creative industry. In today’s blog I wanted to summarise some of my tips and share my best pointers. This is the method I used to get started, but Facebook didn’t really exist then so I would hang out in business start up forums. … Continue Reading

How do I find the energy to build my side business?

“Hi Laura, How do I find the energy to build my side business? I’m trying to juggle family, and my day job as a head of social media and content marketing.” Let me first say, thanks so much for asking this question! I think this is a common feeling amongst those who are yet to … Continue Reading

Entrepreneurs night time routine for success

There’s a reason successful entrepreneurs have a night time routine – learn how powerful they are

Too many ideas spoil business growth

I often feel I have too many ideas and it is both a gift and a curse being a creative person. I have the pleasure of working with inspirational entrepreneurs all over the world both in my agency and my coaching business, and so my days are constantly filled with ideas, brainstorming and creativity. On … Continue Reading