How to fix a blocked Facebook ad account

Having your Facebook ad account blocked mid-campaign is any marketers nightmare! I wanted to share my experience on the huge issues that Facebook caused me last year and how I overcame them in case anyone ever needs to do the same. Here’s what happened: All my ads suddenly got disapproved, flagged as an “MLM” ad … Continue Reading

Overwhelmed by marketing! HELP!

“Hi Laura, I’m paralysed from too much information and feel overwhelmed by marketing. I don’t even know where to start despite knowing that doing something is better than nothing. Help!” “Overwhelmed by marketing”. I hear this all day every day and it is crippling to business owners and stunts growth. 

Overwhelm stops people from even … Continue Reading

Should I have a Wix website?

This is a question I am asked a lot. In fact, of all the questions this is in the top 3 most commonly asked. Answer – I hate Wix. First, I want to say – that this isn’t about me solely hating Wix, but its hating seeing what effect free website builders can have on … Continue Reading

Facebook page call to action changes

No sooner have we got used to the changes, and Facebook rolls out more! But these are good ones for Facebook business pages so with that in mind it’s time to start thinking about your Facebook page header area and a stronger call to action as changes are being rolled out as we speak. There’s … Continue Reading

How to add subcategories to your Facebook page title section [VIDEO]

I came across this question in one of the groups I’m a member of, and it had me stumped!! CHALLENGE ON!!! Here’s the solution and if you get stuck, drop me a comment below!

Hosted or self-hosted ecommerce platform? [paid vs opensource]

Hosted or self-hosted ecommerce? That’s the most common question I’m asked about ecommerce and so my article today is to help you make a decision on which kind of ecommerce platform is right for you and your business and your future plans. This article is 1400 words long, and I feel like I’ve only just … Continue Reading