It's been a long time since I wrote a blog on my site. Truth be told, I'm still trying to figure out where this year went but as I sit here in a coffee shop on a Sunday what better opportunity to reflect and give everyone an update.

Today I have been looking back on my business journal from last year, and I was comparing November of this year to 2014 and what a difference a year makes! Aside quadrupling turnover this year, “I” is now “we” and I'm delighted to have the foundations of a great team with the recruitment of 2 full time members of staff – Adam (developer) and Anthony (designer).

Recruitment has been the the biggest challenge of this year, and the old adage “hire slow, fire fast” rings true for me. I scoured the UK for my dream team members and this took a long time, as a result managing an ever-growing business was a monstrous challenge and my health suffered. I am sure many entrepreneurs out there can understand that one as they scale up from being a start-up business.

This year we've also doubled our client base across 4 countries, introduced a new support system, held 3 live events and held 14 online classes. PHEW! I'll admit, I'm more than ready for the Christmas wind-down!

In 2016, we have huge plans including a complete rebrand and website, lots more online training and maybe a live event or two.

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