I have always been a creative person. My earliest childhood memories are of spending time at my grandparents – I would sit there all day, every day making things, and this didn't really stop.

As an adult it became apparent that my creative streak wasn't just something that I enjoyed to do in my spare time, it was a way of living that consumed me. I often find that my mind races with ideas, whether I'm working or not. I always have to be doing something and can't allow myself to experience boredom.

I often hear from my friends who aren't very creative “I wish I was creative”, and I guess I often think that I would like to be able to relax. But I know that the moment I stop doing anything, I get bored! Does this mean I am destined for a life that never allows me to stop?

Relaxation time for me always has to revolve around an activity – baking cakes, DIY, cooking, eating out – anything that means I am not sitting still doing nothing. I certainly struggle with quiet times over the Christmas holidays and feel like I need to be constantly doing something.

I have discussed this issue with other “creatives” and we all agree the same thing, we are often so full of ideas that it is hard to focus on one thing. Maybe this is why I love working with clients on multiple projects – the constant chopping and changing between projects, tasks and clients is well suited to my personality. Many people consider it the curse of the creative mind, but I do feel very fortunate to be creative and consider it my gift.


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