It doesn't matter which stage of business you’re at, what matters is your mindset and how you approach everything you do. A professional will always get to where they want to be because they possess a WOW brain and they know how to use it, and amateur won’t get far because they let their OWW brain beat them.

There truly are 2 mindsets that either create or destroy results.

Amateurs dream, pros set goals

There’s nothing wrong with having a vision – but if that vision simply sits on a “dream board” that I see so many creating, and doesn’t turn into action, then it just a dream.

Ever heard a person say “I had that idea first”? I have too many times. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail to bring ideas to life is execution – less dreaming and far more doing.

Pros never lose sight of the dream but it doesn’t divert their attention away from everything they need to get done to move towards achieving their vision.

Amateurs make excuses, pros make changes

A key difference in the amateur vs pro mindset is how they keep themselves accountable. One of the strongest traits a pro has is the ability to take problems, take accountability for them ( even if it was outside of the control) and turn it into something positive.

Amateurs simply make excuses, allowing forces outside their control to constantly define their results and this bad habit will stop from being successful. You don't get to be successful unless you are prepared to change.

Amateurs fail, pros go through feedback loops

Pros also technically fail, but a failure only becomes a REAL failure when it signifies the end of a journey. You see, when pros fail they see it as feedback to help them towards success. Amateurs simply stop

Pros know that you have to go through feedback loops (aka failures) to reach success and as such they embrace it when things go wrong and proceed with the knowledge that they are simply closer to success. 

Amateurs see failure as an excuse to stop trying. But its just a simple mindset shift on how you perceive failure that takes you from thinking like an amateur to thinking like a pro. This is perhaps the easiest to change, its such a simple tweak. The next time something goes wrong in your business, look at it as feedback.

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