Having your Facebook ad account blocked mid-campaign is any marketers nightmare! I wanted to share my experience on the huge issues that Facebook caused me last year and how I overcame them in case anyone ever needs to do the same.

Here’s what happened:

  • All my ads suddenly got disapproved, flagged as an “MLM” ad in admin. I thought it strange but potentially some bad ad copy caused an entire sweep of disapprovals.
  • I began testing all my ads, same error message – flagged it up to Facebook.
  • Generic copy and paste messages from their policy docs started landing in my inbox from every message I sent to them
  • I knew it was an account flagging issue as when I wanted to boost a post from my page with very basic content in it, they placed a warning before I hit the “boost post” button on the popup page.
  • Found the live chat function, and started to unravel the issues – they admitted my entire account had been falsely flagged.
  • Told issue was fixed (it wasn’t)
  • Told issue was going to be fixed (it wasn’t)
  • Told creating a new ad profile would fix it (it didn’t)
  • Told creating business manager account would fix it (it didn’t)

It turned out the reason I had my Facebook ad account blocked was because they had flagged my entire ad account as “get rich quick” “MLM” scheme.

They are unable to say why, but say:

“You are one of the very few cases that the system picks up falsely. We have flagged this as an internal issue”

Here’s what I learned during this nightmare 9 days:

  • Don’t give up if Facebook are not playing ball. Its no exaggeration when I say that I sent 50 messages to the support centre, and had 7 live chats. I knew there was nothing wrong my site, page or ads and was prepared for a battle (and I got that battle alright!).
  • You have to be relentless to break through the noise of their support centre… but be polite and they will help.
  • Often the people you speak to are helpless and at the will of the policies team but they can escalate and are expected to follow up the case.
  • Get a live chat agent on your side and explain the effect on your business, they then take you more seriously although this appears to have disappeared from their site now!
  • Get a live chat agent on your website & page and get them to review any potential problems.
  • Live chat worked well in getting into a conversation with a team member. They told me they had their entire team (UK/ Ireland I believe) escalating my issues over the past week (the power of sending 40 messages).
  • Ask them for ways around issues, simply resubmitting an ad doesn’t always work – they do give out really good tips on live chat if you speak to a “good egg”.
  • Flagging is all systems based – the cynical Brit in me assumed human sabotage / error but apparently it was a system error and the process of unflagging accounts is not