No sooner have we got used to the changes, and Facebook rolls out more! But these are good ones for Facebook business pages so with that in mind it's time to start thinking about your Facebook page header area and a stronger call to action as changes are being rolled out as we speak.

There's now less focus on your profile image (which has reduced dramatically in size) and more of your cover image visible which with a much less cluttered design now they've moved the usual buttons out of the cover image area.

It's much, much cleaner! I really like it and used properly will encourage more conversions from your big blue call to action button that remains.


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.45.02


If you've not used these before the calls to action you can include might be:

Book now, contact us, send message, use app, play game, shop now, sign up, watch video.

Facebook will also tell you how many people have clicked on your call to action on a week to week basis in the right sidebar of your page under the promote button so I recommend you keep track of your conversions over time. I talk about this ALL THE TIME – but the tracking your conversions is of paramount importance when growing your business.




I strongly recommend testing which CTA works best for you… I'm currently testing “Sign up” for a strategy session as seen on my FB page here:


How to create your own strong cover image:



How to use the template:

Simply open it in Photoshop, create your artwork only in the group called “cover image” – once you're happy with how it looks then right click on the group and export to png (better compression & avoids blurring on text). The whole template is editable so you can get the look and feel right of your page first before uploading to Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.21.31


If you haven't got Photoshop use the image in the zip folder as a template in any normal photo editor (the dimensions are 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels high) and just make sure you stick within the parameters I've used.

A word of warning: Be careful what wording you use on the cover image itself if you decide you want to draw more attention to the CTA with text. If you break Facebook AD rules in this area then your ads can be blocked and you won't be told why. (This includes things like talking about inaccurate / misleading opportunities i.e marketers talking about profits, fitness professionals talking about weightloss) Make sure you check the guidelines here if in doubt


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