ahhhh… Saturday morning, I’m sat in the coffee shop enjoying some time out from projects and planning out next week's all important business growth activity.

This weekend I'm also reviewing my social media platform activity and how I'm going to grow it further. I've grown a pretty good following on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram from 200 on each platform to approximately 4k on each in the last 12 months. I'm strategically planning how I'm going to do that and what platforms I'm going focus my efforts on.

I call this the social media sweet spot!

There’s so many new emerging platforms these days, so many that even I can't keep up. I don't want to focus solely on the top platforms today when emerging ones tomorrow are where the biggest opportunities will lie. Those that innovate in business win and I’m very conscious of that fact.

Personally I'm pretty lazy when it comes to creating videos. Mainly because I'm a woman and that means having to do my hair and make up. I hate wasting my time doing that and working from home means I've become primarily make-up free throughout the day but I know I have huge results from video and connecting with my audience. Its part of the reason I love doing online classes so much and that my agency is evolving into a marketing academy.

You see, the trick with social media is not just choosing a platform that your target market congregate on but identifying what kind of content and media they would find most useful & easy to digest (e.g twitter isn't the best platform if you want to showcase stunning photography, and Pinterest isn't the best platform if you create video tutorials). In addition you also need to choose a platform that best suits your personality and your skill set.

How this works for me…

My target market are small business owners. Many small business owners congregate on Facebook managing their own pages / communities / having a break from work so this is where I built my audience first because it was the low hanging fruit.

They need solid advice, quick strategy tips, inspiration & motivation to get them through the challenges of being a business owner and as a 90% female following – a sense of community and support.

The content I create tackles all of those topics and I am good and quick at writing, Facebook is a great platform to deliver that medium. I’m also skilled at design & photography, so I can easily create graphics suited to Instagram fairly easy when creating those graphics for Facebook. 

Moving forward as I’m confident on video & live broadcasts then YouTube, Periscope and Blab are the next obvious platforms to migrate over to.

 HOWEVER – video takes a lot of time and effort for me compared to a quick 20 minutes writing a blog. So I’m going to apply the 80/20 rule to this – 80% of my content is going to be written / graphic based, and 20% video – until I’ve tried and tested enough platforms to know where my true sweet spot is.

How to make this work for you…

If you're considering upping your social media game this year – ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. What kind of content am I going to put out there which is going to be most valuable to my audience? (e.g business strategy, how to guides, comparisons, motivational blogs)

2. With what media type am I going to deliver that content, that a) my audience would find most value in and b) suits my personality / skill set? (e.g blog, vlog, podcast, infographics)

3. What social media platform are my audience congregating on?

4. Does the platform my audience congregate on suit the kind of media type I answered in question 2? (i.e if my audience congregate on Pinterest and I want to create 10 minute tactic videos – the answer is no!)

If you answer no to question 4, you either need to change the type of media you’re using to deliver your content if the platform is most important, or the change the platform you focus on if the content type is the most important part of your strategy.

If the answer is YES – go go go! You’ve identified your social media sweet spot, now you need to test it.

What platform do you currently use and are you planning on changing things up this year? Comment below…



Nice post, I like your writing style, it flows wonderfully. Also, some really sound advice here. It sounds simple but so many businesses get it wrong and think they need to be on every platform then let them stagnate due to lack of time, positive feedback and results. This leads them into a viscous cycle where they being to hate social media and feel they are only doing it because it’s what everyone is telling them to do and their competition is on those platforms. It’s a shame as this leaves many business owners with a bad taste and a negative predisposition towards using it. Educating potential clients who’ve had this experience takes time and patience.I’m also an entrepreneur, I run a graphic design and digital marketing agency and we launched a separate social media agency 4 years later. Both are tough industries to be in for many reasons, the thing we struggle with is maintaining our “brand voice” as copywriters come and go, I write many of the blogs as well but my writing style is more straight to the point I guess. Anyway, good blog! I cam, I read, I commented. I didn’t leave a backlink. 🙂 Now how often does that happen hahah! Cheers – James


haha you’re a true gent James!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read and say hello 🙂 Love hearing from fellow marketers! Are you still working in your separate agencies?


Love this as someone that relies on Facebook ads at the minute as I found normal advertising wasn’t working for me or that I may have been doing the advertising wrong going to try again later on this year (in magazines etc)

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