I’m often asked how can you get more engagement on social media. Truth be told there’s no magic pill for this. What works for others might not work for you, and vice versa. But there are a whole host of universal tactics you can apply to your social media activity. In today’s video I’m sharing the top 5 ways you can increase engagement on your social media posts.

Stop treating people like numbers

What you must remember above anything, is that the little like button that someone hit when they chose to follow you on social media means that there is a real-life ACTUAL PERSON waiting to hear from you.

And so with that in mind, you need to treat them like people – people who are deserving of your best content and well crafted posts. Always quality over quantity.

Move your focus to QUALITY BEFORE you make that post – ask yourself, is what I’m about to post of value to my audience?

Does it inspire?

Does it motivate?

Does it educate?

Does it bring a smile?

If it doesn’t hit any of those, I personally don’t post.

Now you’re going to have different values to me obviously, so get clear on what your business values are first and then you craft your social media posts around sharing those values with the world. That’s the number 1 way to build engagement with people who are actually going to buy from you.

And whilst we’re talking about treating your social media fans like people and going for a quality over quantity approach, I highly recommend that you dedicate time after you've posted to go back through messages and respond. To EVERY single one that's worth a reply. If Gary Vaynerchuk can do it then so can you and you’ll build incredible loyalty in the process.

Encourage interaction and include a call to action

You have to direct your audience to do what you want them to do.

Create a call to action on your posts perhaps asking them to share their view on what you’re talking about, or give them an opportunity to ask questions – and whilst when you’re starting out you may not get many comments, the more you engage with those who have taken the time to read your post the more often they’ll come back.

Don't just share for the sake of sharing

Whilst you might think that sharing your latest blog onto your Facebook page is “quality” – is it really quality in the eye of your audience? Is this really how they want you to disrupt their day?

Probably not the most effective way of grabbing their attention.

Now I know that when you’re up against time constraints a quick share of your blog onto social media is better than nothing, but don’t get into this habit. It’s far better to spend time creating content that they will truly find valuable.

Now I know that this is where all the social media “gurus” jump up saying of course you should share your content on social media but there are ways of doing less but doing it BETTER.

Create content in it's native format

Now what do I mean by that? I mean create content that’s designed for the platform WITHIN the platform.

So instead of a blog shared to LinkedIn you can create a LInkedIn article, or a Facebook instant article… those articles are displayed and hosted within their platforms so users can enjoy the content where it is instead of going off to another site. It looks and feels like its part of the site and what does that mean??!!! Better engagement!

Instead of sharing your YouTube to Facebook you could create a 5 minute video, upload it within Facebook with captions – and then getting the transcription of the video created as a blog. P.S that’s going to cost you $5 for a 5 minute video and it might take you 1/2 hour to grammar check.


Get consistent in your efforts and be patient

Building a great online presence doesn’t happen overnight and it almost certainly doesn’t happen if you don’t create consistently great content.

But it takes time to find out what works for YOU, so view it as an experiment – try new things, get creative and always focus on doing MORE of what’s working.

But you don’t get to that point unless you’re trying new things and recording the results.

So its not rocket science people – work hard at it, even if you think no one is watching RIGHT now. Because if you’re truly sharing content of value, your audience will find you.

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