At some point we all need to get over a bad month in business. As we approach the end of this month I’m reflecting on our success and planning out next month’s activities. It’s been a great month after a really tough one, interestingly I find my best months follow the worst ones so in today’s blog, I wanted to share my strategy for getting over them.

I see a lot of business owners struggle with this – often bad days, turn into bad weeks, and before they know it – they’ve written off the whole month as a bad one! Catching a bad month early on can be the best cure, but even at the best of times this isn’t always easy.

Heres’s how you can get over a bad month…

Honest reflection

Business owners are quite good at telling stories about what’s going on in our life / business. It’s not that we lie to ourselves, its just that we see things through our own lens and often in our defence we’ll add in excuses / bias / complex emotion into our truths.

The most important thing you need to do when you are having a bad month is to see it for what it really is and that starts with honest reflection.

Take an hour out of your day to write and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What has happened that is causing me to feel these negative emotions?
  • What is the root cause of the problem?
  • Could I have done anything to prevent this from happening?
  • What have I learned from this?

Accept the reality of success

The bigger your business grows and the more success you have the, the bigger your problems are going to be and the more often you’ll have challenges to overcome. The quicker you get over a bad month in business, the quicker you can move onto success.

On a personal level, I realised that having more challenges to overcome was the reality of success. It’s a strange one to accept, but its the truth that the more success you have the more problems you’ll have in business.

I’ve learned from people far more successful than me that problems & bad months don’t go away. You just learn to deal with it better as your confidence and resilience grows over time.

Pivot and Progress

As a coach, one of the strategies I teach my clients is “pivot and progress”. What this means is that in order to overcome hurdles in their business that seem so huge, its important to change perspective or approach.

One of my best recommendations is that when things aren’t going well is it stop everything you’re doing and try something completely different from your current activities. When things aren’t going to plan, it can be really hard to stop what you’re doing because you feel the pressure to push through but this can be counter-productive.

Take a day off from your normal activities and work on something that you wouldn’t usually – perhaps writing some blogs, creating a fun freebie for your audience, planning out a new sales funnel or working on some new social media posts.
The goal here is not to stop working, although I’m definitely a sucker for a spa day, but to change pace, change perspective and find your business oomph again. This strategy is great because it builds momentum again quickly and gets you excited about working on new activities instead of focusing on whats not working.

Do you need help to get over a bad month in business?

Tell me about your current business challenge and I’ll reply with some thoughts on how you can overcome them…



A great blog and valuable tips. Thank you.


Wowzer….many congrats Laura on your journey and your successes to date. I am very much at startup stage and looking for my first clients. My goal would be to help local offline businesses grow their business through their online presence. Because my head is full of theory I guess lack confidence… its very much the oww mindset and worrying “will I be able to get results?”
I have a great family with 2 children and a job in Dublin and like most peeps we are juggling bills. So in an ideal world I would like to offer mobile websites, youtube marketing or / and a leadgen model where client just pays for leads….But its the question of creating a strategy that I would be so happy with and confident in that I would stop looking for push button answers that never work….I hope this makes sense…Shaun


Shaun, this completely makes sense of course! Confidence in our strategy and ability to generate enough work for ourselves is an important goal to work towards. It will give you the ability to move forward continually and work from a place of energy, creativity & focus because you know its working – this is where you get momentum.

You mentioned the OWW mindset – have you been watching Todd’s launch these past 2 weeks?

2 things I’d ask you to consider here:

1) Niching down. You mentioned 3 big elements of marketing here – mobile sites, YouTube & lead gen (pay on performance model). I’d ask you first where does your skillset and passion lie between web development & Youtube marketing because the 2 are completely different and you might struggle to grow a business effectively with both. I’d completely park the pay on performance model for now – that’s a startup business owner’s worst nightmare but great once your service is more mature and you have enough recurring revenue to support the inevitable peaks and troughs of revenue that this will present.

2) Whilst you have the security of the day job – work on your offering, and focus on that niche. Throw all that you have into OWNING that one powerful skillset. It will make your marketing easier, attract more clients (yes narrowing the focus does that), and give you a lot more confidence in what you’re doing. Of all the three, mobile websites for sure is the lowest hanging fruit as there’s a lot of folks out there with poor sites who know they need a better mobile strategy.

Wishing you lots of luck with the new venture – make sure you subscribe to my list, I sent out a tonne of goodies regularly to my subscribers 🙂 The link is here:

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