Now, I’m going to start this off by saying… PLEASE HAVE SOMETHING AWESOME TO OFFER!

Yes, I’m shouting that but it has to be said simply because what I’m about to share with you will make the biggest difference between how you charge someone going forward.

The reason why I’m routinely paid $2,500 for a single hour of consulting, and was paid between $10,000 – $36,000 for a single sales page was because I had positioned myself properly in my clients minds before, during and after the call.

Now, how you execute this is entirely dependent on your market and how ethical you are.

The main thing I would suggest is that you don’t go after people who don’t have money. It isn’t worth it.

The reason is that they will look at you as if you have the magic bullet or missing “spell” that’ll catapult their life into one of riches and wealth… and if you don’t deliver on that promise, boy will you hear about it, even if they don’t do anything with what you share with them.

So how do you charge more?

It begins with a simple rule and question I have in mind…

“Will I make my client the amount I charge them back as a minimum?”

If it’s an resounding “YES!” – then I’ll charge the price for my work, otherwise I find another way to help them or pass them on to someone I know that is in their budget range.

(This builds your trust in the marketplace, and positions you as the busiest one in the room, which weirdly attracts more customers).

Anyway, here are the basic steps you want to follow – some of it will seem weird:

I’m going to assume that you’re already charging for your services. Let’s say its $1,000.

1. Ask your clients and customers for their results. This validates your theory and allows you to mentally charge more.

2. Next start leapfrogging. I blatantly stole this from my old mentor and friend Jared. (He prefers to not have his name shared online) – anyway his advice was simple…

“If you’ve succeeded right off the bat by doing things right for your client, then you have a 100% success rate, so increase your prices every 2-3 clients, and keep that 100% success record going for as long as you can”.

Now this ties into the 3rd step.

3. Before a sales call, know how much you’ll charge, and tell yourself this in the mirror while looking at yourself in the eyes as it’ll instantly start increasing your confidence… And you’ll feel like a weirdo for the first few moments, but eventually you’ll believe it.

Yes, you have to look yourself in the eyes when you do this… Clothing is optional but I prefer to do this clothed.

4. Deliver and get feedback.

When you deliver, always ask for 3 things.

A – A referral

B – Feedback

C – A testimonial.

Asking for those will improve your standing in your market, your confidence, and ultimately your ability to charge more.

5. Use your Story.

People buy who you are, not what you do after a while. - Adil Amarsi Click To Tweet

People buy who you are, not what you do after a while.

So you have to start selling your story as quickly as possible (after you’ve gotten results for clients and yourself).

This will start positioning you in the field you’re in.

If you don’t have a core story, then I suggest heading over to my site and opt-ing in for my 3 Core Question template.

About Adil Amarsi

Adil Amarsi is an A-list copywriter and consultant, often referred to as the “secret weapon” by many entrepreneurs and his clients.

Adil simplifies sales process, copy, marketing, and business so almost anyone can understand and apply it.

What separates him from others is his unique ability verbalize copy in a way that is incredible and he charges $2,500 an hour for his consulting and time.

His first published book, The Alchemy of Persuasion is due out May 2017.



Great Blog Post Laura!

Again, full of great information to take through to my own business.


Adil is awesome isn’t he!


This was fab. Thank you! I am off to check out the 3 core story questions now! 🙂


yes!! ENJOY Claire!

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