I'm no stranger to having to learn how to keep going when things get tough as I started my adult life as a single teen Mum of 2 children. More recently, if you've been a reader of my blog for a while you'll know I've had to overcome some major health issues this year.

I didn't complain too much, instead tried to keep a cool head, focused on getting myself well and looked at ways to evolve my business so that I can reduce the impact of any future illness.

It feels great to know that I'm allowed back to work in a few weeks – and that the challenges that presented themselves have been overcome, and 2017 is mine for the taking – albeit with a huge pivot in place! Claire in my community asked how I managed to keep going during those tough times so I thought sharing those thoughts might help someone else who is going through a tough challenge right now.

1. Admit things aren't great

I'm not talking here about complaining, but being honest with yourself that things aren't rosy.

Having a thick skin is essential in business but it's just as important to be vulnerable, allow the people around you to see it and then push forward. The truth is when you are honest with yourself, its far easier to be honest with the people around you and you will be amazed at the support you have around you when you simply ask for help. I was surprised that the help I really needed came from the most unexpected of places and as much as my particular challenge consumed all of my energy and world, surprisingly no one around was aware I needed help – until I sent out an SOS!

Be brave, admit to yourself you need help and ask for it. What's the worst that can happen?


2. Allow yourself time to process the problem

I find that when big challenges present themselves, the best thing I can do (even if it means experiencing the discomfort for longer) is to reflect.

I meditate. Walk. Journal. I do something different. Watch a favourite film. Play a favourite song. Eat a tonne of chocolate. But I DO NOT REACT IMMEDIATELY.

You can pretty much guarantee that your initial response to a challenge that forces you up against the ropes is not the right decision. Instead step away crazy you and let your calm alter-ego deal with the issue.

Ask yourself…. What would your [coach / mentor / hero in life] do if they had found themselves in this situation?


3. Remember it will pass

Time does pass, problems go away and things will be great again soon. Although I KNOW its not easy to get yourself into that frame of mind when the shit hits, but its true. And also remember that whilst it feels awful now, the challenge probably won't even been on your radar a year from now, or 6 months from now, or even 3 months from now. It WILL pass.

Just give it time and be patient with yourself.


4. Remember you're not alone!!

Bookmark this blog and in your darkest moments, remember that you are not alone. No matter what success I have achieved, I still have some pretty dark times and I'm sure there will be more to come. And guess what – my friends with 7 and 8 figure businesses, they have those dark times too and they will have more. Problems will always crop up but what changes is your ability to handle absolutely any challenge that comes your way.

Your ability to jump hurdles outgrows the size of the hurdles themselves.


5. Remember that there is no such thing as problems.


Of everything that helps me to get through challenges, what my own coach taught me on this is the most valuable lesson I EVER learned about overcoming challenges.

There are no such thing as problems, just decisions that need to be made.

It's that simple, really. If you can take that one small but profound statement and apply it to the next time you think you have a challenge I promise you it won't feel nearly half as bad. You'll approach solving it from a perspective of problem solving and decision making, instead of emotion, panic and stress!

That one lesson from my coach changed everything for me! My ability to remove emotion from problems, and move forward faster than ever before has been game changing.


Drop a comment below with your biggest takeaway from this blog post…

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