I’ve been at my desk since 6am this morning for the 10th day in a row, which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t working till 10pm most nights. I felt compelled to write a blog on this so if anyone is going through the same thing, then they know they’re not alone and there are ways to deal with it.

Things have been going wrong in a big way! Suppliers letting me down, a painfully slow recruitment process, paid ads not playing ball on a time sensitive project, not to mention sickness, a child’s broken tooth and half term just passed in our household – and did I mention I’m getting married in 2 months?

Now admittedly I did have a cry yesterday, but I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by that one – I felt better for having that chemical release because then I pulled my socks up and got back to work.

Business is a tough world.

But then you know what, so am I.

I worked till 9 last night, and then I managed to sit on my sofa for a hour getting a few wedding arrangements sorted. Exhausted I went to bed, and you know what I did… I set my alarm an hour earlier and woke up at 5 am. Most people would give themselves an extra hour or 2 in bed but that isn’t going to cut it when you have big plans.

This my friends, is called GRIT.

I’m at the stage in my business where I can see why people quit and go back to easy – easy was when I only had to build one website a month. Easy was when I had a salary & employment perks such as holiday pay.

How you approach these big challenges in your business are what DEFINE your success. It’s about mental toughness and stepping up your game every single freaking day.

If you’re not getting the results you want, can you hand on heart say you’re digging deep and putting in those extra hours that normal people won’t?

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