I'm not one of these [many] entrepreneurs who paints a rosy picture of a glamorous, easy life.

I have strong opinions on those low value fools who give a false impression of what it is really like to be in business, and they only share that in order to make a profit from the people who believe their lies. They have no idea of the damage they cause to people who follow them. They share what they choose to share, which isn't a true representation of the entrepreneurial life, or life in general to be honest – which then leads to huge disappointment of people who follow them and who don't achieve the unachievable.

Being in business is hard work and it is not the easy path.

I've had a rough week in my business life – a lot of change, a lot of issues to solve, a lot of stress and broken sleep leading to a very unhappy Laura.

Last night I shared my current feelings with a group I am a member of, and you know what… 10+ responses of people feeling exactly the same. These are strong and motivated ladies, all experiencing the same dips in energy and mindset and it filled me with comfort.

A great friend of mine in business shared this video with me a while back and it resonated with during a time that I was struggling to share my story and the real me in my business. Sharing the “real” and imperfect me in my business was an absolute game changer for me, but that's a whole other blog, so this is my little share for the day for those who are having a bad day / week / month / year – you're not alone!