If you're new here, then this post might confuse you slightly. You see many people in business know me as Laura Dunn – but I'm now using Phillips (my married name) and I wanted to explain why this change is so important as it comes with a big evolution of my business.

Ten years of working for other businesses in the digital marketing world has been an incredible journey for me, and one that I have LOVED. I have felt so fortunate to have built my career in such a dynamic and fast-paced industry and to work with some incredible companies over the years.

Over the past two years I have spent more and more time coaching and I realised that my true calling in my business life lies in coaching business owners rather than consulting and delivering their projects.

I started to coach because I was tired of seeing people getting led down the wrong path – mistakes that could result in complete failure of their business. From that frustration came the idea that I wanted to create a place where business owners could come for free help and support, and my first Facebook community was born!

Within 12 months I had 2000 members and many paid coaching clients, but I was utterly miserable feeling constantly pulled between the 2 businesses I had – my web and ecommerce agency and coaching business.

What I hadn’t anticipated was that this idea to help others going to result in such a huge impact both for me and my business family!

It wasn’t my original intention that I would stop private client work, but in my journey I realised that to share my expertise with a much larger audience I would need to eventually become more focused on the coaching aspect of what I do.

12 months ago I set out to transition away from projects, and so my 2016 was spent making that happen and I’m delighted that my focus is now 100% on coaching (both private and group coaching).

With the arrival of the New Year I wanted to embark on this next chapter with my new website, and a switch over to using my married name. I figured that with another potential 30-40 years of doing what I love, a change in name had to be done NOW if it was ever to be done. It wasn't an easy decision but one that feels right, and rather symbolic of all the changes going on in my life and business!

On that note, I hope you’ll take some time to have a look around and see what’s new and I’d love to hear your thoughts below…



Love the new site Laura! Such an exciting transition too!! Every time I read the story of your journey so far it reminds me to keep pushing in my business and with my goals, you’re an inspiration!


Sophie, thank you so so much for your continued support. I love being a small part of your journey and I’m excited that you’re a part of the #savvyfamily. Big love!


Beautiful site Laura. You have had such an impact on many people’s lives already, including mine as you know, that I know that this is right. Wishing you luck seems kind of pointless as I know you will WIN BIG at whatever you do. xx


Aaw Andrea, thank you lovely!!! It’s such a pleasure to have you as part of the #savvyfamily and I feel blessed to have you as part of my story – hope I get to see your gorgeous face again soon!!! xx

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