I had a pretty rough childhood so despite being an A grade student I ended up leaving school with no qualifications. With no real career aspirations at that age, all I really wanted was a family of my own. Young and “in love” at 18 I had my daughter Megan, 15 months later I had her brother Kasey, and less than a year later by my own choice I became a single Mother.

It was very hard dealing with people who thought I had thrown my life away but I was determined to build an incredible life for us and make my children proud. I also wanted to break the stereotype and show the world that teenage Mums can be successful!

You have a choice. You can choose to settle or you can choose to build a life that you truly love, even if it means starting all over again from scratch.

I thought I needed a University education to be successful, so I went to college for a year to get the qualifications I needed to get accepted onto my degree course.

I loved being at University and enjoyed my life as a Graphic Design student, but as 23 year old single Mum I knew it was important to spend my study years wisely. I knew I only had that one chance to make something of the opportunity and didn't want to waste it so in my 2nd year of my degree I applied for and won a business grant. I bought my first Mac and launched a print design business.

It was hard work juggling my degree, being a single Mum of two young children, running a business and taking every single work opportunity I could get my hands on – I had little sleep, and my house was a complete mess but I knew that I wouldn't regret working this hard in the years to follow.

I left University with a First Class degree with Honours, a thriving small business and in the height of the UK recession I was getting paid for what I loved in an industry that was really struggling. However despite the success, 
owning a print design business was hard work and knew there was bigger opportunities in web design.

I was starting to dabble with website design when a large web agency head-hunted me at my degree show. They loved that I was showing real client work in my presentation rather than mock projects and believed that I had potential to lead a team.

Big risks = big rewards.

With only print experience and very basic html knowledge I was offered a team leader role if, within 4 months, I could learn to design and build websites to a high enough standard to lead a team. This almost impossible challenge appealed to my determined streak, despite having to take a 30% pay cut to retrain. I worked non-stop day and night to win that promotion and loved my new skill set – the gamble paid off.

A year later I was offered the role of creative director of a startup digital agency, taking it from a basic startup to a market leader in 3 years and was shortlisted for creative / digital professional of the year. I had come a long way in my career, but I realised I had unfulfilled dreams.

Having gained experience working with global companies, tv channels, top 100 law firms and high street names the next step for me was to focus on my own vision and in January 2014 I made the leap back to being a business owner.

I knew I was always destined to be an entrepreneur, and now it was time to make my own dreams a reality.

With just 2 months salary saved, I had to make my business work fast. Going from having a team to being a solopreneur was a huge challenge and of course I faced all the typical startup hurdles. I worked hard to secure clients all over the world helping them to grow their businesses with websites, ecommerce and digital marketing strategy. Quickly I found myself fully booked with clients and although I loved that I was able to help so many people to grow their businesses, I felt frustrated by the fact that I wanted to help even more people.

I began to start sharing more content online, and gained a good following on social media. People asked me a lot of questions and I enjoyed sharing all that I had learned about digital marketing and business growth and my focus started to shift from “done for you” work to coaching and mentoring.

Offering my industry expertise for free, turned into paid coaching work and I discovered my true passion in business – helping others achieve success through coaching and training products.

In May 2015 I was announced as a finalist in Business Person of the Year, in the Pride of Rugby awards in my hometown, and in 2016 received the accolade of being a finalist as UK Online Business of the Year in the FSB Worldpay awards. In 2017 I won Online Business of the year in the FSB Worldpay awards West Midlands region.

Whilst that recognition is an honour, I simply love nothing more than getting a message from someone I've helped in their own journey.

In 2017 I founded my company Love To Launch to teach people the strategies to sell more of their online offers in a way that is aligned with who they are and how they want to show up in the world.

I am a firm believer that anything is possible when you take brave steps. With hard work, tools and determination to succeed, you can achieve anything and I am here to show my clients how they can do it and it doesn’t need to take you ten years too!

I am really looking forward to the opportunity of helping you to write your future success story.