“Hi Laura, I’m paralysed from too much information and feel overwhelmed by marketing. I don’t even know where to start despite knowing that doing something is better than nothing. Help!”

Overwhelmed by marketing”.

I hear this all day every day and it is crippling to business owners and stunts growth. 

Overwhelm stops people from even starting, it forces growth to plateau and it can even make people go backwards when they’ve been making progress. But how do you beat overwhelm? This is a long but very important post so get yourself comfortable.



This is perhaps the most important step and you need to do this right now! I want you to stop absolutely everything you’re working on, get yourself into a distraction free place, grab your favourite drink and put your favourite relaxing music on. (Ludovico Einaudi and a caramel latte for me!) Turn off your emails, phone and social media.

My belief is that you need to be in your happy place to think with better clarity and the best way to help you stop feeling overwhelmed by marketing is to think about your customers instead.


Write down a list of all your customers and think back to how they became your customer and what service / product they first bought from you.

  • Was it on social media?
  • Through your website?
  • Referral?
  • Networking event?
  • Did you meet in a Facebook group perhaps?
  • Did they read your blog and download your freebie?

If you can’t remember – ask your customer over the phone. P.S here’s a tip for you…These conversations will give you valuable insight. Make sure you listen to what your customers tell you, their language used will give you clues on how to deliver a far stronger marketing message.

We’re looking for patterns here, particularly with your best customers as they’re the ones you want more of. If there are clear patterns in how you are winning customers, simply write down the path that they most commonly take to becoming a customer and that my friend, is the strategy you need to do more of. It is really that simple. NOTHING ELSE until you see enough success that you no longer worry about the lack of customers because the truth of all of this, is that you’ll never hear someone who has enough customers say they feel overwhelmed by marketing and that’s the real problem here.


So what if there’s no patterns, or you’re not winning any customers? Clearly whatever you have been doing isn’t working else you wouldn’t be at the pivot stage so need now is a change in strategy and I call this the pivot stage.
Again, this sounds simple but in practice its the most counter-intuitive strategy. Business owners have a tendency to spend too long trying to make a failing strategy work. The quicker you can know for sure whether a particular strategy works or not, the quicker you’ll see success.

When it comes to making this strategy work in your marketing efforts, here’s what I recommend: focus on one strategy for the next 2 weeks and put all of your time and effort into it.
Whether that’s social media marketing, email marketing, adding value in the Facebook groups you’re a member of or getting to networking events. Focus on one and at the end of the 2 weeks record what you learnt.

  • What worked well?
  • What didn’t work?

You’re looking for patterns in subjects that matter to your audience, days / times that people were most engaged in what you said, the activity that sparked most conversation, and the activity that generated interest in your product/service.

My best advice on this stage is to be laser focused in your approach. Focus on one strategy on one platform – for example, creating interesting blog posts and sharing them on Twitter or writing / sharing articles on LinkedIn.

I promise what you learn from 2 weeks of working solely on this strategy will be one of the most valuable marketing lessons you learn whether you’re a startup business or whether you’ve been doing this for years.  You’re going to keep pivoting and trying new strategies in this laser focused way till you get that marketing “win”. Success is inevitable when you follow this approach – it will happen if you keep plugging away and recording what you learnt.


If during the pivot stage you learned that something worked with your audience, then its time to progress this further.

  • Did a particular subject resonate?
  • Did a particular platform generate more traffic?
  • Did a particular event spark more interest?

Again, we’re looking for patterns – then we’re going to take what we learned and progress the strategy further.

  • For example, if you found that a subject resonated with your audience what other content can you create around this subject?
  • Can you create something tangible from that subject in exchange for their email address?
  • Can you turn the subject into an email series that goes deeper into the subject?
  • Can you create different types of media (e.g video) to deliver that content?

All we’re doing here is progressing what worked to the next stage.

I hope that this article helps you to see that reducing overwhelm is really a process and that you do have the skills within you to make those changes in your business. I know that marketing can be overwhelming at all stages in business and its one of the reasons I started to coach others and built my training academy. Overwhelm is the biggest problem my members face, and what I’m committed to crushing.

If this blog resonated with you, I’d like to invite you to join my academy on a 2 week trial here and show you how simple online marketing can really be

 and to stop you feeling overwhelmed by marketing and the ocean of opportunities out there.

Also drop me a comment below and tell me about your challenge… I'm here to help 🙂

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