My OWW brain was made in the corporate world when one of my old bosses, who was insanely sales driven, piled a huge amount of pressure on me to manage more and more. Multi-tasking was something that was both expected and encouraged! I then took this approach into my life as a business owner. At first it worked, I was able to grow the business and take on more and more and the profits started to grow!

As my business grew though, I felt like I was getting busier and busier. I remember thinking to myself “the business is growing, I’m getting busier, this must be great”. That was the story I told myself.

Fortunately I’m an absolute geek for numbers and I track everything in my business diligently. I couldn’t tell myself any stories for long when the numbers were telling me something different. “Busy-ness UP, profits SLOW”. I was getting busier all the time, but the profits in my business just didn’t match the effort I was putting in and my to do list was getting bigger by the day. Equally the amount I was getting done was decreasing, meaning I had to work more and more to achieve the same level of productivity. It's no surprise my health suffered!

Something wasn’t right, and I started to suspect it was me and that I needed to squeeze more work out of my day. I thought it was my brain and that I needed to train it to better deal with more going in. I read books about the brain, thinking that more brain power meant I could do more work. The truth is I looked at the to-do list that kept growing and became more and more disappointed every day with my efforts despite how much harder I was working.

That’s so absurd reading it back now but at the time I didn’t have the coach that I have now, and most of my friends weren’t entrepreneurs. I also hadn’t identified that as good as my product and services were I needed an entirely new skill set – something you aren’t taught in traditional education or even the workplace.

As fate would have it, at the end of last year at my busiest and most stressful time in business, I was introduced to my coach Todd Herman. Within a few minutes of watching some free training he had released, I realised that my biggest problem was that I was caught in the OWW brain cycle – growing more and more dissatisfied with my business, even though I was achieving growth, because I was measuring my progress by my unfulfilled goals.

One of the problems is that I’d grown up in an age of S.M.A.R.T goals and belief that multi-tasking was a great thing, and I began to realise how absurd they were as models for success. I was simply ticking things off the list and not progressing my business growth as fast as my efforts. That is a painful problem to have!

Todd helped me to develop a system of goals, habits, routines and mindset that transformed how I work. I went from OWW to WOW in a matter of weeks and the results of that were clear – Productivity (not “busy-ness”) UP, profits DOUBLED. The lightbulb had switched on 🙂

Once the wow brain cycle gets moving it creates a self-perpetuating loop of more action, more motivation, more momentum and a greater sense of self-worth. That explains why this new way of working in my business continues to deliver such huge results.

The wow brain cycle creates a self-perpetuating loop of more action, motivation, momentum & greater self-worth!

It’s funny how you can end up stuck in a cycle like that, and that one new perspective can change EVERYTHING for you. If you think you’re stuck in the OWW brain cycle, the great news is it can be changed – the even better news is my coach and friend Todd Herman has a video that might just change your world like it did mine. Here’s the link! >>>> Learn about the OWW / WOW brain here

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Yes this relates to me & my business in every way! But thanks to yourself i now have access to Todd Hermans free videos/advice & im very much looking forward to seeing how the 90day goal year will help me move forward! Great article


I’m excited for you too Lynn!!

You can easily change from OWW to WOW. I’m looking forward to watching you move into for the next part of your journey now you’re becoming more aware of how you work within your business

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