If you're looking for a “no fluff” coach with 10 years real-world marketing experience to navigate you through the ocean of opportunities in the digital products world, I'm your woman.

I’m here to propel you into making monumental leaps in your product launches with support, guidance and accountability (with sometimes equal measures of butt-kicking and hand-holding)

By working with me you’re choosing to commit to necessary big changes and admittedly that change isn’t always going to be easy but you will LOVE the results.

And I'm committing to your success. I'm committing to not putting you into a cookie cutter version of my business, and helping you create a business that gives you unimaginable profits and freedom. I'm committing to being on your team and to pushing you through challenging hurdles and leveraging the opportunities you didn't know were there.

Private coaching is by application only

Emma's Success Story

“I searched for a long time to find the right person, and the results speak for themselves. Worth every penny.”

“If you are looking for a Marketing Strategist to help you build and scale your business you are in the right place. I went to Laura feeling like I needed someone to really help me re-focus and get back on track with my business. I searched for a long time to find the right person who was credible and able to deliver results rather than just ‘marketing speech'. Having listened to Laura's webinars and read her reviews from industry experts, I knew I was in safe hands.

I signed up to to an intensive strategy day, and there was no faffing around, we were straight down to business. I'm not sure how we covered so much in one day, but I left with a clear strategy for the next 3 months for my online course launches.

The results speak for themselves, my website is clearer and successfully completed one live launch and launched two evergreen online courses. I couldn't recommend her enough. Worth every penny.

Emma Dewey, Director – Babyem

Now accepting applications

Applications to work with me are currently open! Hit the button below to apply and if we’re a great fit, then we can discuss your objectives in more depth during a complimentary consultation.

Coaching Packages

Although I can create a completely bespoke package, most clients tend to choose one of two options, or a combination of both.



Online Coaching Sessions

1:1 coaching (via Skype or phone) is perfect if you want clear direction in creating a solid blueprint for achieving your goals, regular coaching to keep the momentum going and quick answers when facing hurdles. I have built my framework for coaching my clients around leveraging your valuable time and creating quick wins.

I give my coaching clients access to my full marketing training library, because I'm not in the business of showing you tutorials of “how to” – my job is to coach the “why”, to help you work on a strategy that's going to have the best results and to help you implement it fast in-between your sessions.

This structure will ensure that our sessions are spent working on the high level strategy with the time inbetween being spent implementing and taking consistent action.

You'll also have access to me via email between sessions so if a tricky hurdle crops up, you know you've always got the help and support you need to tackle it and move on.

Speed is key to success and my job is to keep you constantly moving and making a tonne of progress.

VIP Coaching Days

At a beautiful and inspirational location, you’re going to be immersed in an intensive coaching experience – a distraction-free, high-energy day of transformation.

On the day we're going to tackle your biggest business goals, fleshing out the strategy that's going to get you there and identifying any potential road blocks. You're going to leave our time together with more clarity than ever, and confidence in yourself to make your plans a reality. Importantly, you're going to be leaving with a clear action plan.

Some clients love the pace of a city day to inspire more creativity, whilst others prefer getting away to the country – either way, this day is about YOU and I'll guide you through the best work you’ve ever done on your business. The coaching day can be extended into a 2 day trip by request.

Before the day itself, you’ll receive a 1:1 coaching session with me to share your goals and vision and based on your objectives, you’ll undertake some prep work to complete before we meet for your coaching day. This means we can hit the ground running having already started the process of momentum.

Of course, all meals and refreshments throughout the day are included and you’ll leave with a detailed strategy and customised action plan so you can implement everything created in the day as soon as you get home.

VIP coaching days also include a follow up coaching session, usually taken 2 weeks afterwards, and many clients choose to move to monthly coaching sessions afterwards for the all the benefits of ongoing support and accountability to keep that momentum going.


VIP Coaching Day

is you

Dan's Success Story

“I wasn't making enough money and felt completely stuck in a hole, and now I'm on the other side of a successful launch.”

“I came to Laura at a time when I was seriously struggling not only with my business, but also in my own self confidence. I wasn't making enough money and I felt completely stuck in a hole with no clue how to get out. After just a couple of sessions with Laura we formulated a plan to move forward and she provided the necessary counselling to help me push through the resistance I was facing due to fear.

I'm now sitting on the other end of a successful launch of my own coaching group and the addition of a recurring revenue stream for my business. My outlook is now vastly different from just a few months ago and I credit Laura as being a huge key to helping me make this transformation.”

Dan Netting – Life at Lean