Chances are if you’re reading this, your year didn’t go to plan as you didn't hit your goals as you hoped. Yes, there are often genuine reasons you didn't hit your goals – life throws major curveballs sometimes. But why is it that some people just seem to adapt to challenges and crush their goals regardless of the obstacles in front of them?

Those goal-achieving machine types are not only great at setting the right goals, but also seeing them through no matter what gets thrown their way. They adapt, they grow, they change strategy when required and they always hit their goals.

In this post I’m going to share the most common reasons that people don’t achieve their goals and share an incrediblesplash solution that will change your entire perspective.

1. You set too many goals

A sporadic effort across a lot of different goals, can result in achieving nothing. But by setting less goals you can not only plough more time and effort into achieving them faster, but know with more certainty whether your efforts are best placed there. 

Too many goals means too many metrics to measure, and in business unless you are tracking your numbers you simply will not have the insight you need to grow.

2. Your goals aren’t big enough

Goals need to push you to make changes. If your goals aren’t big enough, you’re not going to be motivated to make the required changes needed for growth. Sometimes that’s about risk, sometimes courage.

I’d like to refer to one of my favourite quotes here – If you do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got!

Meaning that the reason you have set this goal is because you want something different to what you’ve got now, and that’s going to mean you changing as a person – and you’re not going to change if you’re playing small.

3. Your goals are too big

I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream big, or “reach for the stars” but you should make sure that your goals to get there are achievable. There’s no reason why you can’t set a new goal, but if you set a goal too high the actions required to make it happen won’t be taken. And worse, not achieving any goals will make you feel despondent and more likely to quit! There’s a thin line between setting your goals so high you can’t achieve them, and setting them so low you don’t progress.

4. Your goals don’t motivate you

Becoming successful is not an easy path, and if your goals don’t motivate you to push past hurdles that are going to block you then you’re going to quit when it gets tough. 

Many people set goals for the wrong reasons such as external pressures and doing what they think the world wants to do instead of what they want – and this can mean you’re spending time working towards goals that don’t mean anything to you.

5. You are a serial multi-tasking criminal

This was the sole reason my business was stuck in a horrible growth plateau in 2014! All my energy was being spent on going from task to task to task, and it meant that nothing was getting done. Learning how to overcome this was the game changing skill I needed to get over my plateau.

6. You don’t keep yourself accountable

It was so easy when you were young.

You messed your room, you got into trouble with your parents.
You didn’t do your homework, you got a detention.
But when it comes to not doing what you need to do in your business, who is there keeping you accountable? For so many starting out, its a lonely road and keeping yourself accountable to your goals is a tough gig – especially during the inevitable hard times.

This is a huge reason in why people fail at achieving their goals. Many don’t keep track of their progress, lose focus and can end up quitting and that is why I invest in working with coaches.

7. Your goals don’t align with your vision

It’s all well and good having a huge vision, but if your goals don’t relate to moving towards achieving that vision then how are you going to achieve the dream and stay motivated during tough times?

Answer – you won’t!
For example, if your vision is to create the worlds leading business in online education but your goals are all about generating enough revenue to buy yourself a new Louis Vuitton handbag or a long weekend in New York, then how are you proposing to get there? Seems obvious now right!

Which of these above are you struggling with? Drop a comment below and share your challenges

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