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If you aren't putting relevant content in relevant places, you don't exist online...

Join my 1 day virtual workshop to learn how to create killer content for your business and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

And P.S... you do NOT have to be a good writer to create engaging content!

Join me for the second Savvy Saturday online workshop and learn how to create content that builds authority, attracts your dream clients and converts more leads into sales.


By the end of our day today you'll be equipped with a whole host of new skills in content creation and a plan for your own content marketing strategy. You'll also learn what are the best tools to use, incredible resources and how to save time on the creation process.

Win a £499 voucher

Student of the event will win a voucher to spend on my live events, products & programs. This will be judged on interaction, comments, sharing support for your fellow students. You don’t have to get things RIGHT, you just need to take part!


At each Savvy Saturday workshop, you get 2 weeks support from me after the live event in a private group to get feedback on the work you do. This is invaluable in helping you take your learning and put it into action and keeping up the momentum!

How does Savvy Saturday work?

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Sign up

Sign up on this link! You'll get a receipt sent through straight away, and one week before the event you'll be emailed the workbook and access to the students group + links to the virtual classroom.

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Download the workbook

One week before the event you'll be emailed the workbook which will contain 2 hours of prep work. You'll also be invited to join the students Facebook group to get to know your fellow students.

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Join the virtual classroom

Before the event you'll be emailed the link to join the virtual classroom, just visit the link and you'll be able to watch all the classes. But you can stay in your PJ's if you wish - you won't be on camera. :)

The Schedule - Saturday 16th September

Each coaching session will take 30 minutes, leaving you a break to go and then start to implement what you learn. Then you’ll come back for the next session. AND REPEAT! This workshop is all about learning and execution - so I highly recommend you take the time between sessions to do the work set.


The 5 steps to creating powerful content (30 mins)


The power of story (even if you think you don’t have one (30 mins)


How to write content that converts to more sales (30 mins)


Boost your conversions with better headlines (30 mins)


How to create high quality content FAST (30 mins)


How to get your content appearing on search engines (30 mins)


Your Content Plan for the 3 core stages of the customer journey (30 mins)


Optional Q&A - A final Q&A session for whatever you need help with (1hr)

What's included

A full day of kickass tuition
Event workbook & planning sheets
Private FB group to share your work post event
Event recordings after the event
2 weeks support post-event in FB group
Resources & Checklists
Q&A Sessions - get your q's answered
Win a £499 voucher!
£ 97
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“There's a big difference between someone knowing 'How To' put up a website. 'How To' create an ad on Facebook and on and on... And someone that knows how all the components fit together in the online world AND produce REAL Revenue from the ocean of opportunities online. Laura not only has the tactical skills to get people results. She has the ability to deliver a strategy anyone can use over and over again.”

Todd praise

— Todd Herman - Creator of the 90 Day Year

“I always thought that I would have to invest a big chunk of time and money into learning and creating digital products. This whole process will obviously take time, but the fact that I don't need to throw a load of cash into it is reassuring.

My head is still spinning, but my overall takeaway is that the scope for growth is limitless!

The format of Savvy Saturday was great. I thought splitting the day into chunks worked so well. The fact that I can now see the possibilities that this can bring, I now have a clear vision of how I can develop my business in the future; it’s invaluable.

Looking forward to the next one! ”

Rich praise

— Rich Flynn, Rich Creative (Attended Savvy Saturday Digital Products workshop)

“I’ve been unsure about what content I could use to deliver online courses or digital products. But, after doing the workshop, I now have the knowledge I need to continue forward in my business to bring this into play when it's the right time for me.

Savvy Saturday is a fantastic workshop that shows you how to put together the mechanics and considerations in getting your digital products online. The topics covered give you the thought processes to consider how you can bring your courses to life from within your business.

I will definitely be creating this alongside as my business grows and will continue to work on more content and freebies, and actually ask people who are on my mailing list what they actually need help with!

Laura’s passion for her subject shines through - a tonne of value and knowledge as always! ”

Imogen Praise

— Imogen Allen, Umbrella Digital Media (Attended Savvy Saturday Digital Products workshop)

“My biggest business concern has been knowing which programs to use. I have been so confused about which way to turn after building my website. But Savvy Saturday has helped me focus on how I can start my business in a simple and easy way.

I now have direction! I know where I need to start to build my business up! Thank you, Laura - for letting me be a part of Savvy Saturday! ”

Liz praise

— Liz Underhill, Cracking the Diet Code (Attended Savvy Saturday Digital Products workshop)

"Prior to Savvy Saturday, I didn't really understand the scope of digital products and always thought it was more for creative people. But now I have the confidence to create products for a starving audience, by teaching them what I know and have experience in.

Digital products are for everyone, and there is so much scope for me to create products off my existing services. I definitely feel there’s a gap in the market for my program and I can’t wait to start building that email list!

The set up on CrowdCast made interacting easy and the day was fun and informative. It was a totally brilliant day from the learning style to all the preparation Laura did with the companion workbook was spot on. We've had a tonne of value - as always." Clare praise

— Clare Farthing - Your Virtual Assistant (Attended Savvy Saturday Digital Products workshop)

Connection is what truly matters...

Your host - Laura Phillips

I remember when I first launched my business back in 2014 - and the terrifying moment when I hit publish on my website and started sharing content in the world.

I remember my very real fears of being judged on that content, but I knew that unless I got over those fears and started creating content I was never going to stand out online.

I wasn’t a strong writer. I was scared of doing video. And I didn’t think I had anything unique to say. But if there’s one thing I learned on my journey to building an amazing tribe, it's that none of those things matter.

What matters is the connection you build - and everyone has important things to share, even if they think they don’t have a “story”.

Within 2 years I’d gone from ZERO to over 20,000 followers online and built an amazing tribe around me… and at the heart of it all, was the message I shared with the world through my content.

How much impact would it have on your business growth if you could start connecting with your audience on a level that makes them feel like you’re talking only to them?

I know that when you do that, selling becomes effortless and I cannot wait to show you the strategies that make content creation an absolute breeze.

P.S. And no you don’t have to be a great writer to create great content! Let me show you how!

Is the course time-limited?

The live element will take place on Saturday 16th September, but you'll have lifetime access to the recordings! I will be active in the specially created Facebook support group for 2 weeks post event too.

What if I'm late?

Once each lesson as taken place, the recording will become available instantly if you miss it so you'll have time to catch up throughout the day. And don't forget you get access to the recordings after the event.

What level is this aimed at?

The strategies I'm sharing can be applied to any business, and there'll be a mix of training to suit beginners to intermediates. If you're just starting out, don't worry... I'll make it all super easy to follow and there'll be plenty of time to get all your questions answered.

I am really no good with marketing!

At one stage you couldn't walk, talk and hold your own spoon - but you learned. Enough said on this point. I'm a great teacher ;)

What if I can't attend on Saturday 16th September?

Although the live training element will take place on Saturday 16th September, you'll have lifetime access to the recordings. I will be active in the specially created Facebook support group for 2 weeks post event too.

Will you be doing another event like this?

Yes I'll be doing more Savvy Saturdays on different subjects in the future. If this subject is important to you, then make sure you sign up for the recordings as I won't be doing this one again any time soon.

What do I need to do in advance?

Sign up and then 1 week before the event starts you'll be emailed the workbook and group access, so you can get to know your fellow students and start sharing ideas. There'll be a small amount of prep work which will take you 2 hours and then on the day itself, just come ready with energy and your workbook and we'll get to work!

What is your refund policy?

If you change your mind in the next 7 days, there's a no questions asked refund policy in place. Just drop me an email and we'll get that sorted for you!

Still have questions? Email me.