Questions Recap….

1. What kind of content am I going to put out there which is going to be most valuable to my audience? (e.g business strategy, how to guides, comparisons, motivational blogs)

2. With what media type am I going to deliver that content, that a) my audience would find most value in and b) suits my personality / skill set? (e.g blog, vlog, podcast, infographics)

3. What social media platform are my audience congregating on?

4. Does the platform my audience congregate on suit the kind of media type I answered in question 2? (i.e if my audience congregate on Pinterest and I want to create 10 minute tactic videos – the answer is no!)

If you answer no to question 4, you either need to change the type of media you’re using to deliver your content if the platform is most important, or the change the platform you focus on if the content type is the most important part of your strategy.

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