“She dropped some epic knowledge bombs” – Ryan Levesque – Inc 500 CEO, #1 National Best-Selling Author and Creator of the ASK Method ®

There are 2 main stories that I share on stage…

1 – My personal story of my difficult childhood, surviving childhood abuse and becoming a teen parent, to how I went back into education as a single parent and ventured into entrepreneurship.

2 – Having achieved multiple 6 figures in digital products sales – I love to talk about how to CRUSH your product launches, even if you have no marekting experience, you hate sales and you have ZERO budget.

I'll leave your audience feeling inspired to take huge action, show them quick wins in their business and give them actionable tactics so they look back on your event as the one that sparked that “big idea that changed everything”.

There'll more than likely be a hint of British sarcasm, a sprinkling of kick-ass and some epic lessons learned to share.

What there won't be is “magic formulas”, “one big secrets” or spammy & sleazy stage tactics… I'll leave that to the “IM gurus”.


Breaking free – my personal story

My personal story of surviving child abuse and how I overcame many adversities in life to create a life of freedom, happiness and impact.

Mighty Lean Launches

How to have an insanely successful product launch (even if you have no time, budget or you're a complete introvert like me!)


“Laura was a featured speaker at our largest event of the year, ASKLIVE! and her story was incredibly inspiring. In our post-event survey, attendees commented on how Laura's talk in particular was one of their favorites. Not only did she inspire, but she also dropped some of the most epic knowledge-bombs of the entire event. I recall watching our audience take furious notes during Laura's talk.  Laura came highly-prepared, tailored her talk to our audience, and contributed immensely to the overall event. If you're considering Laura as a speaker for your next event, I can't recommend her highly enough!”

Ryan Levesque – Best-selling author of the book Ask and founder of the Ask Method Company.


If you would like to discuss booking me for a speaking engagement and potential opportunities to collaborate on online and offline events, please email speaking@lauraphillips.co.uk and I will respond within 48 hours.