I’ve been home just over a week now, and I’m still a little exhausted… but WOW, oh WOW. What an amazing event it was.

I felt a lot of pressure this year to make sure that our 2nd annual Success Retreat, not only matched last year – but completely surpassed expectations!

There’s definitely a lot personal desire that once you’ve done one event you want to keep raising the standards.

This year – we did it again!

 “LIFE CHANGING” guests told us!

I was thrilled to be supported by these powerhouses…

Karmin Meckael
Sarah Akwisombe
Jade Jemma
and Laura Husson

And wow did these ladies AMAZE. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such incredible women in business, and I know that all the guests were blown away by their willingness to share their knowledge so freely.

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