I love travelling by air for work. I find those hours when you're above the clouds with no wifi the perfect time to sit still, reflect and type away.

Sometimes I blog, sometimes I plan and other times I organise. Either way, removing the distraction of emails, the internet and people, I find myself with the perfect opportunity to focus on other things.

I guess it instills in me a personal desire to have more time like this. On today's flight, heading over to Berlin I have been planning what I am calling “personal investment”. I know know it sounds rather cliche but I do think setting time aside to plan, learn and reflect is an investment in yourself. Why wouldn't i invest in myself in the same way that  we invest in technology and marketing.

I guess I am fortunate to be in a position as a professional, that I don't have to take every scrap of work that comes my way anymore. I know that certainly when I started out nearly some 10 years ago, that I had to do so to make ends meet! Now I feel like I have the luxury of a bit more time and I plan to invest that time in myself and my learning.

Just about to land, and so ends my “me time”… Off to work!

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