I often feel I have too many ideas and it is both a gift and a curse being a creative person. I have the pleasure of working with inspirational entrepreneurs all over the world both in my agency and my coaching business, and so my days are constantly filled with ideas, brainstorming and creativity. On the weekends when I work on my own projects, I can often find myself thinking about new ideas for myself.

Just this morning I had a huge idea and a couple of years ago, I would have stopped everything I was working on to spend time researching the idea, buying domains and securing all the social media handles. I didn't realise this was such a huge problem that I had, until a year on I was starting to get the domain renewal requests through and I had no less than 5 “game-changing” ideas that I'd probably wasted weeks of time on – weeks I could have spent pushing my main focus forward.

So frustrating looking back!

It was actually meditation & journalling that gave me the idea of allowing that thought to happen, and let it go.

To avoid sabotaging my success with shiny object syndrome, I now keep a file in my Evernote called “parked ideas” and I look at it every 6 months (scheduled in my calendar).

Knowing that within the next 6 months I'm going to look at that idea again allows me to have that idea and let it go without forgetting it. Then in 6 months if time / schedule allows and I still think the idea is great I can look at it again.

What actually tends to happen is that I look at the idea, realise it isn't in alignment with what I'm doing and park it again. There are currently 16 parked ideas… 16 times I could have sabotaged my business growth in 2015.

Are you guilty of executing on too many ideas?

Drop me a comment below and tell me your experience…

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