We all want that striped lawn. Luscious green, perfect stripes. You can clearly see just how much time and effort has gone into it!

My son, aged 11, stripes my lawn, and I can honestly tell you he does it better than me! I gave him this task at the beginning of Spring this year as “his” chore around the house.

Initially, he used to do a really bad job. Half the time he wouldn't mow to the edges, he’d try and do lines but they ended up all over the place. He'd miss patches because the cuttings bin got full and I thought to myself “It's so much easier if I just do this myself”.

I realised after a couple of attempts he was still struggling.

“Maybe I should give him something easier to do because he can't do this task”. I thought to myself.

It hit me in that moment that I was making the same mistake at home that I was in my business.

I spent some time explaining the best way to complete the task, demonstrating how I would do it and then helping him the first few times, suggesting ways to get a better result.

He told me that sometimes he was worried about going over the wire, so I suggested that he called his sister to help him in the task.

He is very proud of his striped lawn, and the fact he does the task better than I can. And I'm glad that he's taken such a huge task off my plate. Win – win.


My takeaways from this were that if you want someone to do as good a job as you in something, they need time and a lot more communication than you probably think! They need nurturing, feedback and support with solving problems but most importantly your invested time.

Don't assume that because something is easy for you, that its going to be easy for someone else and be prepared to invest a lot of time into that person to get the best from them.